September 30, 2008

All the Light in Your Eyes

For quite some time I've been vigilantly reading a blog I came across when clicking on link after link. I'm not exactly sure how I found it or what was posted to make me click on the RSS feed ... some mysteries shouldn't be answered ;)

The blog in question is by Jennifer S. called .: Earth Friendly Weddings :. I absolutely love how Jennifer keeps things light, humourous and so educational!!! Her aim is to help her readers find new and exciting green ways of life and showcasing funky new products they should look out for. From that quick description you may come to the conclusion that Jennifer's business is planning, something to do with research, maybe even teaching ... nope! Her main love is actually invitations. Beautiful invitations, I might add. Please visit her main site called .: Earthly Affair :. for details on how she's saving the planet one step at a time :)

There's another reason I wanted to give Jennifer a shout out ... she's agreed to pop over here to be a guest author! We're hoping it will turn into a recurring piece so give her a warm welcome and encourage her to keep writing!

Thanks Jennifer ... looking forward to your reads ...


Jennifer said...

Hi Susan! Thank you for such a sweet, warm welcome! I'm looking forward to guest blogging over in your neck of the woods!

Jennifer said...

I just realized the color of my shirt in the photo matches your blog colors really well! haha! :)