August 15, 2008

Shake Ya Tail Feather

Going for a theme again with this week's Etsy favourites ... feathers! Let me tell you ... their style has come a LONG way in weddings since my mom's blue & white all feathers bouquets back in the nineties (no offense, Mom). I have a feeling even she would agree with this one after seeing these pictures :)

Hats have been making a comeback on this side of the pond for a while now. I love the colours in this one by GillBoulter!

Instead of all feathers as your bouquet and to dress up the one you have, why not look at this by pinkposy?

Often as guests, part of the bridal party or even the bride we're looking for that perfect purse to add some punch to our wedding outfit. I love this one by Bethany.

How about some feathers with colour? Love love love this hair accessory by Mikiye. It looks striking in dark hair ... hmmm ... wonder if I have anywhere to wear it :)

And now for my favourite of the week. Actually, I have a tie this week because I couldn't decide which I love more.

First ...

These feather hair pins by mezzo.

They add subtle wisps of colour and movement but nothing too big ... awesome for those who don't want a veil or elaborate hair-do. I definitely would have gone for these myself.

And the second ...

This amazing dress by LondonDemimonde. The extra piece of dimension, the pieces of colour, the way it catches the light ... what a beautiful way to embellish a dress!!!

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