August 15, 2008

where did all the pew bows go?

JESS-I was just standing in our shop, enjoying the tunes on the stereo and watching the street as my hands flipped shiny ribbons back and forth into simple pew bows for tomorrows wedding. As my mind wandered I suddenly realized it has been at least a year since I made a pew bow.

I am not sure when they seemed to go out of vogue, but as I think on it more I now barely even mention them in a consultation as no bride seems to want to go that route. Which I think is a real shame. Pew ends, chair decorations, aisle markers, call them want you will, these are one of those little details that people don’t miss if you don’t do them, but boy do they notice when you do!

So I say “bring back the pew end”! These little gems add colour and a sense of grandeur to the ceremony, and can continue on to the reception to add interest to your evening (how about hanging them around the courtyard railing, decorating the backs of your head table chairs or along the front of your desert table?) And I’m not talking some frilly tulle bow (though there’s nothing wrong with that!) why not show some extra style and choose an unusual container with a cool cluster of flowers- something a little bit mod?

Yes, if you are on a small and tight budget, pew ends are usually the first item to get chopped, but consider asking your florist to get creative, you don’t have to do the whole aisle, how about just two at the front to usher your guests in? Remember, its all in the details!

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