February 26, 2008

Strike A Pose

For the first time in about five years, my husband and I opted not to throw our usual Oscars party ... we watched them quietly by ourselves instead ... what a difference! This year we were able to pay attention to the red carpet, listen to George Clooney's joking and avoid the pressure of coming in last in the Oscar party pool. We're not sure if we'll go back to hosting or not but this year gave me a chance to come up with some favourite dresses. Each one of them I loved for different reasons but one stood out as my absolute favourite. Humour me while I list them ...


The one-shoulder accent was huge this year ... Amy Ryan showed everyone how to model it flawlessly.


Helen Mirren never ceases to amaze me. She manages to choose something that is classic yet striking on her. Nothing too young for her age or too old. Beautiful!


Keisha Whitaker flew under the radar (likely because of who her husband is) but I wanted to give her a shout out for this gown ... love it!


Breaking away from the popular jewel tones was Cameron Diaz. It was such a refreshing colour let alone style ... elegant!!!


Katherine Heigl. My husband enjoyed fawning over her, I enjoyed fawning over this spectacular creation. Personally, this red dress blew all of the other ones out of the water for me. Glamour personified.


This dress is not for everyone ... let me make that clear right away. In fact, I've seen it on most Worst-Dressed lists. I completely disagree though. The dress is actually something I would wear because I have that eclectic kind of taste but the reason why I wanted to post about it is to reaffirm something I tell my brides. Diablo Cody chose to put on something she was comfortable with and reflected who she is. And for those who think it isn't sexy, check out the straps and the way-high slit. But I digress ... take a page from Diablo's fashion novel ... when thinking about your attire whether it be your dress, bridesmaids dresses or the men's garb. Pick something people are HAPPY with. Be you and you'll look even more beautiful :)

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