February 25, 2008

The Story of The Breakdown and The Magic Panties

As per my previous post, I went to my parents house on Saturday to visit, and then take my dress to Lisa to get the bustle put in and a new zipper and some minor tweaks that needed to be done, since I bought off the rack. It has been a while since I tried my dress on, so I was a bit nervous.

On Saturday I arrive and my mum wants to show me the dress she bought to wear. We decided to have a dress rehearsal in her bedroom. She puts on her gorgeous lilac Alfred Angelo dress... Perfection.
She helps me get into my dress... Not so perfect.

I have gained so much weight that the zipper won't do up. Not only that, but it is tight across my thighs, my belly looks like I'm about 5 months preggers, I resemble a sausage and it's all rippled. Cue start of meltdown. I knew I had some weight to lose, but this was extreme. My mum was even shocked. And trust me when I say it looked horrible, I'm not one to over dramatize this type of thing.

My mum whips the dress off of me and starts inspecting the seams to see if it can be let out. It would be tricky. I don't want to get into details since FI reads this... I try to assure my mum (and myself) that I can lose that kind of weight easily, but in my head I am seriously thinking- "where the heck can I buy a new dress??" All night long I stewed over it, near tears.

The next morning, we head to Lisa's. I don't even want to look at my dress, let alone put it on again. But begrudgingly, I go into the change room and wiggle into some new fake Spanx I bought, slide the dress over my head and WHAMMO! It looks almost perfect!!! I come out and my mum says, "what happened?? Why does it fit today? It even zips up." I HAVE MAGIC PANTIES!! I knew they would make a difference, but this is shocking.

Suddenly, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, I'm get married in 111 days and all is right with the world. Phew.

That's not to say I don't need to drop a few pounds, but it does mean I love my dress again. And that's all I care about. Now I'm off to the gym. ;)


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Anonymous said...


You scared me for a minute there! Glad to hear the "Magic panties" helped...thank God for those babies! Sorry for the stress though...

Yay for "THE Dress!"