July 23, 2009

Boutonnieres for the Grooms party

We’ve already covered the bride and bridesmaids in previous posts, so let’s talk a little about the groom, groomsmen and ring bearer for your wedding…… Guys in the wedding party wear boutonnieres- small clusters of just one or two flowers/ greenery wired and taped that are then pinned onto their lapels. What we recommend most often is that the groom wears something that is special from the brides’ bouquet and then the groomsmen wear something from the bridesmaids. So if you are having a bouquet of all white flowers including roses, stephanotis and mini callas then the groom might wear either a mini calla or maybe you’d choose a cluster of stephanotis. If the bridesmaids then are carrying posies of say red and burgundy flowers such as hydrangeas with roses and berries then the groomsmen would wear perhaps a small cluster of hydrangea blooms with some berries.

This is a nice way to organize it as the guys are often all wearing the same outfits, including the groom so this will set him apart. It doesn’t always work out so neatly though- perhaps you are carrying all hot pink peonies for example- a peony is first of all much too large to work well as a boutonniere, but you may also come up against some objection to the flower being the colour pink ( believe me- it has come up….many times..) In this instance you would choose something that comes up elsewhere in the wedding to try and tie it all in.

Fairly new to the market are boutonniere magnets-

these handy little gadgets are used within the mechanics of the boutonniere and are really, really strong. We had one of Erin’s friends’ road test them at their wedding and apparently the magnets stayed on all night through much ruckus and dancing.

At Periwinkle we wrap the “stems” of the boutonniere with black ribbon as we feel it gives a nice finished look- I’ve also seen really nice finishes that use decorative wire wrapped around, or snippets of material to match other parts of the wedding.

Ring bearers are usually quite young- Many brides just choose to have them wear a version of the groomsmen’s boutonniere, to make them “one of the guys”. If you are thinking of having the ring bearer actually bear the rings on something, may I suggest a floral “pillow” for maximum adorableness!


wedding chair covers said...

I had never heard of the magnets. That is a great idea.

periwinkle flowers said...

they are fantastic- very easy to use and so much less intimidating for the wearer than figuring out the pins!

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that's really great and i also never heard of those before and pretty easy to use as well.