July 21, 2009

298 days to go

With the sunshine finally out and some of our friends returning home from their tours in the next few weeks, counting down to the wedding feels as important right now as counting down to MM"s eventual fall return. So I'm setting aside the doldrums this week and rejoicing in the fact that I'm engaged, and to a wonderful Military Man.

Lately everywhere I look I find new inspirations. Yesterday it was flowers, in a local grocery store's floral arrangements, where I found lovely mini orchids that looked strikingly like this gorgeous instant-love of a mystery flower I saw last month in the farmer's market in Cannes, France:

Not sure how easy these might be to get here in Canada in May, but I'm definitely going to ask.

And I'm seeing a lot of women coming into the bookstore where I work, wearing the prettiest bright sundresses. I'm noticing that many of these women are not stick figure types, yet they look fabulous in big 1950s-inspired full-skirted dresses or 1960s inspired fitted sheaths in raw silk or cotton. I'm also noticing a lot of asymmetrical details, be it a hem that is higher in the front then in the back, or a triangular bodice that goes over only one shoulder. Sort of like this Jim Hjelm number that I'm loving right now but definitely not in black

Speaking of dresses, I guess that's my next big thing. Glancing over the wedding planning list, I realize we've made some real progress lately. Ceremony and event venues? Booked, with deposits paid. We're using a pretty waterfront city park for our outdoor ceremony (note: This was an extremely economical choice as well.... $25 for the permit and that's it!). The reception is the Chateau Laurier, so MM gets his castle.

Officiant? Booked (and loving the fact that it will be a local woman with a fantastic voice who happens to also be a college professor).

Photographer? Booked. Some of you may remember earlier this year my post here on our engagement session with Irina Fortey of Irina Photography and Susan's subsequent interview with her. Well, that session cinched it for us, so we're happy to say that Irina and her hubby Mihkel will be capturing the beautiful fleeting moments of our Day.

Florist? There is a florist that has been putting weekly arrangements into my fave Starbucks cafe with their business card and I'd been admiring their work over the last year. When Susan was here for our whirlwind planning session and scoping-out tour in May, we dropped into their shop and were pleased with their work, their personalities and their pricing. So I'm happy to say that they are on the shortlist and I hope to book them soon.

DJ? Originally we weren't going to have one, but the room at the Chateau includes a dance floor so what the heck? I have a lead on a great DJ that our military family resource centre uses often. I'm meeting the president this week and it is looking promising.

Cake? Oddly enough, for a hotel of Chateau Laurier's caliber, they do not have an onsite pastry chef. So we will indeed need to outsource this, But, as I posted here, MM and I found a company online whose work he likes the looks of (and hopefully the taste...we'll find that out when he's back). They are my front runners, so with any luck, that's chosen too.

Tux company? Chosen. Got a deal at a wedding show this winter so we have booked with a nationwide chain, which should make it easier since our stand-up guys and dads are scattered across this huge country.

Susan will be doing our invites (that should be rockin' fun to do!) and I've got a strong idea of what I want, with her guidance.

That doesn't leave much to be decided. Dresses? Yep that's almost pretty much it. Ok true there is decor for the ceremony and the reception, but that can wait quite a while yet. Short of keeping my eye open at garden centres now for those deep discount end of summer sales, for things to help make the public park pretty and private, I can turn my attention to some serious dress shopping and badger my stand-up gals into doing the same. I would like it all chosen by the end of September, so that it gives the 4-6 months I'm told it takes these days.

Steaming right along.. 298 days to go and counting!

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