June 9, 2009

Maybe This Is All A Part Of My Flawed Design

I swear the song quoted above was simply on when I decided to type my post up ;)

I want to start showcasing a few of my invitation designs as they've been taking a back burner in some recent topics. The truth is, I've been incredibly busy with some of these orders as of late! As I always am, I was super happy when I received an inquiry about .: BloggerBride's invites :. from last year. I love this design because it's more enviro-friendly than most, it's hip and it lends itself well to making it your own.

Josephine sent me a note saying she wanted something that was a bit unconventional ... and she thought these would fit the bill. I couldn't agree more!

Very similar to BloggerBride's yet a completely different feel when you look at it. The dark brown and ivory give the invitation a wonderfully classic feel.

Complete with detachable RSVP, this is one of my absolute faves. I can't wait to get started on all of her other stationery needs!

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