April 13, 2008

Finally it Has Happened to Me


I've kept the photos from her long enough! Last weekend Blogger Bride's invitations were completed ... wooooo!
Compliments must be given to her and Blogger Groom not only for patience in the odd compromise but also for choosing an absolutely FUN and UNIQUE design to bring to life. I love the final product (I think it's in my top three of favourites) so I do hope Blogger Couple loves it just as much.

Now enjoy some pictures!

* please note all confidential information has been removed so some photos look scarce

Here is the front ... names have been taken out of the gray plate but you get the idea ... Blogger Couple chose a great moss green linen to flank the front and back of the invite.

The first insert is the formal invitation. Don't worry ... there are actually names & details there. We just didn't want all of Blogger Bride's fans crashing the wedding ;)

Insert two hold the details for the hotel & shuttle bus going to & from the reception site.

This is going to look funny since the first map is blank but trust me ... it looks phenomenal!

Blogger Couple opted for a postcard style RSVP and I couldn't be happier with the outcome! Since everything is fastened together, the RSVP is perforated at the side to make things easier on the guests.

And again, here's an overview.
Everything fans out (but doesn't fall out ;)). Trendy, cool, very Blogger Couple!!!

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