June 12, 2009

And Nothing Else Compares

Since it's almost the weekend I wanted to have some fun with today's look into invitations.

How can you make yours stand out? Are your guests going to remember what you give them? Are they going to keep your invitation? If you go all out and make them creative, you can bet people will.

Using embellishments can turn an ordinary piece of paper into something out of this world.

Beads are one of my favourites. You don't need many to make an impression, either. This first invitation is playing on the "How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways" saying ...

And this one is just classic. Using rich colours were incredibly important and then a few strings of beads were added to give it pizazz.

How about playing with the actual paper? This design is so much fun!!! It's a paper saver, which makes me happy. And it can also be mailed with no crushing problems.

And the best, in my opinion, is thinking completely outside the box. Having a movie theme? What about using film as your inspiration? And if you're going on a destination wedding, try a 'message in a bottle' invite!

Have a blast with these, everyone! Invitations are the first impression you're making on your guests ... how about a lasting one?

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Anonymous said...

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Susan Legare said...

Thanks Mandy :) Just a reminder to update your bookmark to http://momentsthatshine.com/blog as updates are all happening there now.