November 6, 2008

I Look At This Big Beautiful World

I don't have a theme for my Etsy post this week ... I've just found a bunch of lovely things I would like to share with you :)

Lovebirds. How quaint :) They can be used as a cake topper or just for décor ... or even a gift! Contact .: RedLightStudio :. for more information.

Continuing with the birds, here is a wonderful statue by .: Middleburg :. The banner can say anything you like!

Okay ... I'm on a bit of a bird kick ... let's keep it going.

This boutonniere caught my attention with the colours and use of feathers. Send a note to .: myrakim :. to see about a custom order for yourself!

More blue feathers! This fascinator by .: Sweetsnlo :. is in high demand. Be sure to check out all of her designs.

Looking for a special gift for your bridal party? How about something uniquely them? These necklaces by .: dlkdesigns :. are sure to bring a smile.

More fun with words! Have fun on your own fridge with these magnets by .: Wheezies :.

How about this trendy guest book by .: enjibeck :.? There are so many designs and colours to choose from in the shop. Be sure to check them out.

I've been meaning to post about these great books by .: PittBerry :. for some time now. After you get your photos back, what better way to display them and forward on to loved ones?

This is another one I've been meaning to get up here! If you're looking for ties with pizazz, contact .: toybreaker :. These will take 'traditional' to 'WOW' right away!

And my favourite of the week ...

Stunning. That's about the only word needed for this necklace by .: christinebossler :. Drool!


Rockstarbride said...

I ordered ties from toybreaker. 4.5weeks later I'm still waiting for them. Just a heads up the Cdn brides to give LOTS of time for them to come. 8 days before my wedding, waiting for ties is not fun.

Susan Legare said...

Oh no!!! Please tell me what happens (happened), RSB. Definitely not a worry you need right now.
Are you at least able to track them (ie. know if it's customs/the post?)?

Rockstarbride said...

well, the seller doesn't have a tracking number, so we're forking out $50 to have her redo them and ship them express. I'm annoyed but they look way too fab. As the FI pointed out, we'd be out more $$ to buy elsewhere for a not nearly as cool tie. I just wish they were here :(

Susan Legare said...


Well, I wish you luck, m'dear! Not much longer now!!!