October 24, 2008

I Have No Missionary Zeal

I'm a huge fan of bamboo. I love the way it smells, looks, is durable ... everything! And you know I love it most of all because it's eco-friendly :) I decided to make this week's Etsy post all about bamboo. Some items are completely made of it and some are just pretty because they have bamboo on it ;)

Believe it or not, this is a bamboo pillow. I kid you not! Contact .: tinydecor :. for more information. The cover is 100% organic cotton, too!

Something we can all buy to help the environment *and* our wallets ... bamboo cutting boards. They're wonderful ... less splitting than wood and they actually don't scuff! This one is by .: ADrauglis :.

Look familiar to anyone? This awesome keepsake plate is made by friends of Moments That Shine. .: SerendipityCrafts :. not only does neat designs like this but they have wonderful personalized plates making perfect gifts.

.: diprimadesigns :. is on here twice this week! Not only do they make funky necklace tiles from bamboo but they have some special breast cancer awareness designs right now ... perfect for the month of October!

No, it's not here ... yet. But when I saw this design, I couldn't resist sharing. .: smockpaper :. prints their designs on bamboo paper and it doesn't stop there! They donate a portion of proceeds to the environment and package everything in biodegradable products. Way to go!

And my favourite of the week ... had to be something pretty :)
Check out this necklace by .: Janaration :. All I can say is I'm in love.

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