October 22, 2008

I'm going to let her shine!

I just want to congratulate Autumn Bride. Hurray! You're a Mrs!
May your forever together be happy and healthy!So it's done? no more planning? no more stressing or dreaming about it, the big day happened! Woot! Congratulations to you and your new hubby.

As for my own stuff, well... it seems appropriate to just leave this post as a celebration of this honeymoon week for Autumn Bride. This is her time

My fiance and I are taking a bit of a break from wedding planning, after having made the tough decision to move the wedding date back (again!) to accomodate friends who are deploying overseas after MM gets back.

So I'm now a May 2010 bride.

I'm still going to be here though, no worries. I still love all things wedding and I'll be back in full force quite soon.

Hip Hip Hooray for brides, new and old, newly married and those like me dreaming and scheming about The Big Day in a somewhat distant future

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Autumn_Bride said...

Thanks hon for your kind words :) Best of luck w/ your new date and upcoming planning!