July 3, 2008

You Make Me Feel ...

Those who know me know I've been trying to change my habits for the better. This is true in a number of categories but one of the biggest is I'm watching my environmental footprint more than I thought I would be. Rather than going on a rant, I'd like to show you a couple of products I've been using for the past few months.

When I went to the Eco-Wedding & Lifestyle Show back in March, I met a lovely lady representing Green Beaver Company. They are involved in using all natural ingredients in a plethora of beauty products. The ones I faithfully use are the shampoo & conditioner ... the changes I noticed in my hair right away were amazing! My favourite is the Rejuvenating Cranberry line ...

The other product I now use is natural hair dye. This one is a bit trickier for people to find as there is one company in Canada that has a bit of a strangle hold on the market. That's not horrible though since the actual dye is great (on my hair anyhow). I use Herbatint (you can buy it in most nutrition and herbal stores ... my local Loblaws has even started carrying it). It actually gives my hair a great lift and is a lot better than any other dye I've used. They even recently came out with bold colours ... red & purple to name a couple!

I'm not perfect in my green movement but I truly believe every little bit counts. These are just a couple things everyone can try!

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