July 24, 2008

On the Boulevard

My first purchase from Etsy has arrived!!!!!!! Many thanks to the wonderful peartreeri in making it a fabulous experience that has since addicted me ;)

To view what I bought, keep reading ...

My husband and I recently bought the home we had been renting for a couple years (long story). It's funny because as soon as the papers were signed, we immediately saw all of those little things we wanted to change. Our house number was one of those things. It used to be one of those boring faux-gold things that just didn't let people know anything about our style as soon as they pull up in the driveway. Well, now with our purchase, I think guests will be greeted beautifully!

Oh ... and if you ever come over to my place, the number below isn't my actual address number ... this picture was just better ;)

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