July 30, 2008

How Bizarre, How Bizarre

Never in my life did I think I'd be blogging about this. Then again, I didn't think I would own one of the following. But I do. And I'm glad.

For my birthday this year, my wonderful grandmother tucked one of these in her care package for me. At first I thought it was kind of odd but I decided recently to grow it ...

Right now I'm in about week two of this little plant. And by golly (yes, golly), it's growing! I'm not sure how long it will last or what it's supposed to do but here's a quick rundown ...

In the package you receive a pot, 'soil' and a bean with a message. You simply put a bit of 'soil' in the pot, place the bean in, add more soil, give it some water and watch what happens. For those having troubles visualizing it, here are some more lovely web pics ;)

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