July 31, 2008

From the Minute You Saw It

Time for the weekly Esty finds!

This time I thought I'd go with a theme ... all about the bride herself. Weddings are one of those times when we can shop for ourselves and other people don't think we're incredibly selfish ;) Here are some things that might catch your fancy!

This is a great start for brides-to-be when they first get engaged. If you're not the type of person that likes to carry a big binder around, this recycled notebook by ivylanedesigns a great compromise.

What a great novelty item to simply indulge in! String it on some black leather or a chain of your choice. Brought to you by BubbaAndDoodle.

bouquetcreations has something for the bride who doesn't really want flowers. Instead, why not walk down the aisle carrying this lovely bouquet made of pearls? They even have other works of art with leaves and snippets of ribbons.

I have been struggling with which tiara to post for quite some time. I think I'm going to devote an entire post to them one day. This one is elegant yet funky enough for the bride who wants to stand out a little bit. http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifmerrittgade has a few dainty designs that show off that lovely 'do'!

AND ... my favourite of the week ...

Yes, something eco-friendly was bound to make my list. This beautiful bamboo wedding dress by isadoraclothing can actually be worn different ways as you can twist and tie certain sections. And what makes me like it even more??? The seller is from my hometown of Victoria, B.C.! Woohoo!


Anonymous said...

that dress is stunning. Great find.

Shannon said...

I love the alternative bouquet idea!

Shannon, the Virtual Bridesmaid
Viddia Wedding Community