June 10, 2008

Quit Playing Games With my Heart

I made a choice a while ago not to think about the weather at the wedding. It seemed so futile. Our ceremony is indoors, so is the reception. The photos are scheduled to be outside, along with the cocktail, but they can both be moved indoors, if need be.

FI on the other hand has been obsessed about the weather for at least three months. He did statistical analyses of historical weather patterns for June 14th. He would say things like, “mathematically, we have a 35% chance of having a nice day”. I would laugh and say, “whatever”. I was determined not to think about it. Plus, I always love rainy wedding photos with nice umbrellas, and fun galoshes… Until now.

There has been no way to avoid the forecast now that we are in the final week. As of a week ago, the forecast was thunderstorms and 26 degrees. Boo. BUT then, oh happy days! As of two days ago, the forecast for Saturday was 24 degrees and sunny!

24 degrees and sunny is FANTASTIC,
24 degrees and sunny is GLORIOUS,
24 degrees and sunny is the most PERFECT WEDDING WEATHER EVER,
24 degrees and sunny is…. no longer the forecast for Saturday.

This morning we woke up to the grimmest forecast a curly-haired bride could ever have. The forecast now is thunderstorms, 26 degrees with a HUMIDITY WARNING. If you are really quiet, you can practically hear my perfectly coiffed hair frizzing out already.

Que sera sera, and all that. I do know that the day will be perfect regardless, but that’s hardly the point, is it?

For now I will stay glued to The Weather Network. Everyone do an anti-raindance for me.



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Jessica said...

Don't you worry! The predictions are never right! I had an outdoor maternity portrait session on Sunday and I was obsessing over the Weather Network. They were calling for thunderstorms the entire day (and I was checking up to an hour before the scheduled session). Did it end up raining? Not a drop!

You'll be fine! :)