May 30, 2008

Build You A Fire If The Furnace Breaks

Scouting a venue site is something that is fairly common to event coordinators. Sometimes it's even worth going in another season from when they event is taking place ... as was the case for an upcoming client's wedding. It's being held within the rustic beauty of Bruce's Mill.

The fantastic thing about Bruce's Mill in the spring is they hold a maple syrup festival. Being married to a French-Canadian means maple syrup flows through the veins and any chance we get to visit a sugar shack is much appreciated! Here are some quick pictures I snapped for J&N ...

My husband trying to scam some maple syrup straight from the bucket ...

An educational visit as well! Here are some of the cauldrons brewing the fresh stuff!

They also have hot apple cider, jams and soups ... mmmmm ...

Right here I can imagine some gorgeous wedding photos with the bride and groom!

I can't wait for this wedding. J&N truly think outside the box and everything they've chose to do for the wedding speaks to who they are as a couple. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is saying goodbye!

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