April 29, 2008


This stage has been THE most exciting so far. Everyday, when I get home from work it’s like a mini- Christmas. My fiancé lays the RSVPs out on the coffee table for me to see. I actually squealed yesterday at a particularly large haul! I feel like it’s a written confirmation of having friends. 9 RSVPs back today? WOW we are popular! People like us! Yay for me! (Um, I mean US).

I’m also quite enjoying the little blurbs that people are writing on the RSVP. It never occurred to me to do so. There are well wishes, a lot of “looking forward to it’s”. But the ones that I love the most are the JOKES. Again, it never occurred to me that the bride and groom on the receiving end of an RSVP might be in need of a chuckle.

So far, the biggest joke opportunity falls on the line where I have requested that people list their allergies. I have had people tell me that they are allergic to Poison Oak, cats and buffalo dander. Thank god I’m not serving any of those! Har har.

Being a bride, it goes without saying, has taught me a few things about weddings. It has taught me how I will act as a future bridesmaid, family member and as a guest.

But I think the most important things I have learned so far are two things I have learned about RSVPs:

1. Be prompt.
2. Be funny.


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