March 12, 2008

Lipstick Tips!

When consulting with Brides on their makeup wishes for the day of their wedding, I always stress that the only item that will not last all day is the lipstick. And for very good reason. Our Wink Cosmetics lipsticks are lead free.

Recently, a friend forwarded me an article about some of the most popular brands having high amounts of lead in their lipsticks. So it prompted me to remind all of my clients once again the dangers of purchasing lipsticks boasting countless hours of staying power.

Quite simply, the longer the lipstick lasts, the more lead it contains. And we all know that lead is not exactly great for our bodies. But you do have a choice. There are many cosmetic brands that offer lead free lipsticks that don't last for hours on end, but are comfortable, colorful and most of all safe. All you have to do is refresh your lips more often throughout the day, especially after eating.

If you don't know if your preferred brand contains lead, here's a simple test.
Put some lipstick on your hand
Use a gold ring to scratch the lipstick
If the lipstick color turns black, then you know it contains lead
So the next time you're shopping for a lipstick, read the ingredient label or talk to the makeup expert for lead free lipstick options. Better yet, visit Makeup In Motion and try ours....they're lead free.

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