March 13, 2008

1, 2, 3, 4 ... Tell Me That You Love Me More

We don't have four yet but we're finished with three!

Blogger Bride's invites are underway ... just putting the finishing touches on the green covers. The white pages are complete though so I thought I'd share. Remember, none of the details are true to Blogger Bride's wedding so don't be showing up at the Bata Shoe Museum to watch her 'I Do's" ;)

The Main Invite ...

The Accommodations and Shuttle Bus Insert ...

And the Map Insert ... there are actually two maps (hence the white space) but one was deleted from this picture for privacy reasons :)

You'll notice the gray behind the invites. That was so I could show the rounded corners. The bottom will keep the rounded corners but the top is actual going to be cut in a bit of a triangle shape ... imagine a luggage tag top :)

We're almost there!!!

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