March 18, 2008

The Clock

Time just started ticking a whole lot faster for us. We are officially under three months away from getting married. It seems very REAL now. Realer than real. People have started asking me if I’m nervous. I never quite know what they mean.

Am I nervous about marrying the man I’m marrying? Nope, not a bit, hasn’t even crossed my mind.

Am I nervous that something will go wrong, that we are horribly unprepared? Nope. Susan has taken that worry right off the table.

Am I nervous about having a whole day where I am the centre of attention? Hells no. I think every day should be that way!

Frankly, I think they just like trying to mess with my head. But no go, I’m not so easily spooked.

I’m also getting the old, “It’s not to late to run away, you know” haha. Nah, then Susan’s planning will all have gone to waste!

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BloggerBride said...

teehee thanks for the fancy picture. I always forget that I can post pics!