March 14, 2008

Being green-Part two

ERIN - So Jess, last week we started talking about going green and what we here at Periwinkle Flowers already do to try and help the environment. We told our readers about socially responsible roses. What else would you like them to know?

JESS- I don’t think people in general realize how much of our product here in Ontario is actually locally grown. We buy locally as much as possible- the quality is superb, the freshness is guaranteed, we’re supporting Ontario farmers and saving on all the emissions involved in importing product. The best way to make sure you are buying local for your wedding is simply to ask your florist- but you can help make it possible by choosing flowers that are season. Right now if you’re asking for cherry blossom, iris, tulips and more …the list of spring flowers is a long one, the florist will be getting it locally.

ERIN – take a look at this adorable arrangement (at top) we designed for new spring menu. It is filled with a whole mixture of hot pink flowers. The Gerbera daisies, hyacinth and anemones are all flowers grown in the Niagara region. The miniature spray roses come from a farm that grows their roses hydroponically resulting in less pesticides being released into the environment than traditional growing methods. The gorgeous large hot pink roses are from one of the socially responsible farms in Ecuador that we spoke about in our last posting

JESS- You know what makes me really happy is that these are all easily available flowers and from normal floral suppliers- you could be buying green without even knowing it! For every season there are floral choices brides can make that are “eco” while still being affordable, and even *gasp* glamourous!.

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