February 20, 2008

My Funny Valentine

Well, as I'm finally back from a lovely vacation (but catching up today so don't bombard me ;)), I thought I'd share with you how Valentine's Day wound up between my husband and I.

In case you don't remember, the criteria for our gifts were ...

- green
- metal
- rectangle
- three
- cloth

... and we had to meet three of the five (but we always try for all five for bragging rights).

My gift to him was a bit of a fluke. I happened to just walk by it one day and it fit everything except for green! I added a wee something to make it fit all five though .... here's a couple of pics and then I'll explain:

So in case you can't decipher what it is, I found this desk set that was pretty much perfect for my husband (ie. he loves golf). It's about 4 inches high and is a pen holder ... great for work. The golf bag is made of cloth, the pens inside are metal, there are three pens and it came in a rectangular box. To put the green in, I went back to something I used to do a few years back ... little tiny scrolls that, when unwrapped, reveal little reasons why I love him. Of course they were printed on green paper ;) So, five out of five!

And my husband did really well, too. I don't have pictures but he found me a great lamp (yes, romantic :P) ... its base is metal and it has a green, cloth shade. He also bought three organic bars of soap to complete all five criteria!

All in all, a fantastic February 14th!!!

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