February 15, 2008

Different is cool!

JESS - so Erin you’ve been in the business a LONG time- what has been your favourite wedding to work on in terms of the flowers?

ERIN – I have been sitting here for five minutes thinking about this. That’s a really tough question. I honestly do enjoy all of the weddings we work on but I tend to really enjoy the more unusual ones. Like the one we did a few months ago that was done in all green flowers: green orchids, green mums, lime ribboning etc. Remember that one? Check out the picture of the bridesmaid’s bouquets above.

JESS - That one was very funky- and perfectly suited the setting in the distillery district here in. A really beautiful mid winter wedding- cool, understated and unique! It’s interesting that that was your favourite, Erin, because in terms of flowers it was pretty minimal- the tables had five cylinder vases set along them, each with a single mokaru orchid inside, the bouquets were tight and tailored too- Not at all like the lovely, soft and romantic flowers at your own wedding, so I know it isn’t that they are your personal style favourite so what made this events flowers so special for you?

ERIN – I liked it because the design really showcased the individual flowers. The lines were very crisp and clean and I loved the colours. The bride was really brave to choose bridesmaids bouquets that were all green. Green flowers appeal to a lot of people but many brides are afraid that the guests at the wedding won’t get it, so they choose “safer” colours.

JESS - I think my favourite was one we did this past summer- see photo of the centerpieces at end of post- it’s sort of modern casual. It was a beach theme event; check out the little starfish set into the black sand. I like this because it is unexpected and made up of several smaller elements all set together.

Erin – yeah that one was cool too. That is one of the reasons I love doing wedding so much. Each and every one is different from the last.

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