January 16, 2008

SugarTree Photography ....Because life is sweet!

My name is Kristina Laukkanen and I'm the creative photographer behind SugarTree Photography. My company specializes in weddings, portraits & commercial work. We also have fun doing it! Besides, if we didn't enjoy it so much, what's the point?

A little About Moi:
I've been photographing people, places & things since I was 12. My parents met at Photo Hut in the 70's while working for the company and then I came along shortly there after. I took photography all through high school and summer classes but never thought I would seriously do it as a career. My focus was marketing and business. And then one day when I was 25, my grandmother convinced me that I should enter a local contest. So for kicks, I did and won 2nd place. One of the judges asked for my portfolio and I was like "Yeah right - the family photo album is around here somewhere." And that was the year I turned my life in another direction and headed for my dream. I decided that I wasn't going back to school full-time so I applied to work at Black's Photography. I figured - what better way to learn about photography than by being in the business. And that's what started it all. 5 years later I own all the equipment I'll ever need to be ready & prepared for any photo job, I have my own studio space (by appointment only), I have a wonderful and fun team of professionals and I have first hand experience about how to run a business and succeed - my most treasured asset from Black's.

Some background with Susan:
I thought it was wonderful when Susan and Bernard hired me as their wedding photographer a few moons ago because they were such a fun loving couple...but it was even cooler when we became friends after the honeymoon! *lol* I remember the wedding like it was yesterday. *dream sequence* As I wandered around the golf & country club, photographing the details of Susan & Bernard's wedding I thought to myself "WOW! This has got to be one of the most creative weddings I've ever shot!". From the Guest Branches - where guests could leave their well wishes and marriage advice/thoughts on a piece of paper and hang it on a branch for Susan to later scrapbook - to the heart warming center piece adoption kits for chimpanzees - a sanctuary for lab chimps near Montreal. A cause Susan & Bernard are very passionate about. Adopt-A-Chimp I still talk about it to my clients! (Susan - can you confirm this link.) Everything was well thought out and created with such passion that it's no surprise that Susan has done so amazing, planning other bride-to-be weddings!

So stay tuned for the next post where I'll discuss what else you can do with your wedding dress after the big day and REALLY get your moneys worth!

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