January 18, 2008

Orange is the new white!

ERIN - Hi Jess. I hope you had a nice week. How did your bridal consultation go yesterday? What colours did she choose? I have been noticing a real trend in colours with all of the brides I have been meeting with for 2008 weddings. A lot of my brides are incorporating bright colours into everything from their wedding bouquets to the ceremony arrangements and the centerpieces. One colour that keeps popping up is orange! Quite a change from the traditional all white wedding eh?

JESS - Wow- how did you know? Orange is exactly the colour we are working with for her! The wedding is in early May, but she is choosing to use a really strong palette- deep purples and vivid orange with some deep yellow thrown in the mix. It is so nice to use such strong tones for a spring wedding- unexpected for the guests. Colour scares a lot of people, but if you use it right you can create such drama and richness. We’re going to use more exotic bold flowers for her, again unexpected for a May event- purple callas with orange mokaru orchids and gerberas.

ERIN - Really? That is so funny. Looks like it is going to be one of the hot colours this year, Which is great because it happens to be one of my favorites. What sort of look is she going for? Casual, elegant, romantic?

JESS - She’s going for an elegant look- which can be hard to pull off when using bolder colours, so we have to keep everything clean lined and not too casual. Keeping the colours to just two or three, rather than going with the whole colour wheel helps achieve this, and we’re going to use more exotic flowers such as the callas and orchids to keep it from feeling too casual. It’s challenging, but that’s the fun part for me! Are you doing any weddings with orange that are going the elegant route too, or more casual?

ERIN - my bride is also looking for something that is elegant and very fresh looking. So what we are doing is sticking to the softer orange tones, an orange that does not have a lot of red in it but is still vibrant. We are keeping it elegant by placing it with a neutral green and a very soft yellow. So the other colours are there to accent the orange so it is still the star. This is keeping it elegant because you are avoiding that circus look by not having too many different colours.

JESS - To our readers- the photo above shows the seasons hottest flower colour trend, namely orange, and is the bouquet that Erin made for the Wedding Bells feature!

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