January 30, 2008

Somebody Waits

Okay ... the draft layout for blogger bride's (and groom's) invites are ready! Of course I know things are going to change but they're anxiously awaiting and this is a beginning! Keep in mind that the tops are going to be die-cut to the shape we discussed in the first trial.

* please note the images used are under copyright by other companies and will not be used in the final product by Moments That Shine
** also note text involved (addresses, names, etc) is strictly sample information. If you look for blogger bride on King Street or her wedding at the Bata Shoe Museum, you'll be disappointed ;)

The first page ... it will be a lovely clover/sage green and the artwork is coming from a friend of the bride's ...

Page Two ... the main invite itself. Yes, We've decided to flip it to portrait ... for now anyhow ;) For the next few pages, we're going to go with a clean white paper.

Third page ... all about the bus & accommodations! It will be white as well ...

Last page of the white will be the map. Yes, it's pretty boring now. Blogger Bride & Groom are making their own for the finished product though ...

And last but not least, the RSVP. Here we're going to go back to the same green as is on the cover and the coup-de-grace is I'll be perforating the right hand side so guests tear off their reply and send it back postcard style!

There's still a lot of work to be done! Oh, and don't worry ... those thick black lines won't be staying ... that's simply to give you some perspective since everything is on a white background at the moment ;)
Edited to add: those lovely red & green underlines won't be staying, either ... this is what happens when you take a screen capture from a good software program. For some reason they think 'blogger' isn't a real word ;)

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