January 23, 2008

Falling into place.

I want to tell you that I DO think of you (the readership) often. I feel so guilty for not posting more and sharing more with you about the things I've learned in this whole planning process. But everytime I read a new post on here I think "Wow, I havent posted in a long time. I really should....hmmm, but what to post about?"

I have two theories as to why Im at such a loss of words (those who know me say Im NEVER at a loss for words and I have no problem going on about myself). The first possibility is that maybe Im just having a hard time remembering all the little details. The other possibility is that a lot of aspects of the planning for me just came together almost on their own.

I got engaged just over a year ago on Christmas '06. The proposal was nothing special...at least on paper anyway. FI and I are more like best friends than we are the gushy sentimental. So we were at our condo and he asked "so...wanna get married?" and I said "Yeah I guess."...see? paper (or computer screen) doesnt capture the tone that it was said in with kind of a "see this is something serious but Im not saying in a serious tone" ironic humour.

The next thing I know, there was a whirlwind of bridal shows, vendors, contracts and deposits. Often times, it seemed too easy.

I knew that I wanted a venue with a hotel on site because if I was going to have open bar (which I certainly was), I wanted to make it easy for people to take advantage of. Out of the few resorts that met my qualifications, the decision was pretty simple and came down to pricing.

The first officiant we met with was really amazing. Easy-going yet, plenty of ideas.

The first photographer I met with is sort of a friend of my parents. They absolutely love his work and were really impressed with him when he was taking pictures of their club function. I had no objections from our meeting, and what better recomendation than my parents!

My dress...well, see previous post. For my attendants' dresses, I wanted THEM to choose what they wanted. Off the rack dresses from pacific mall (an asian mall) fit well with the theme and are pretty cheap too. Truth be told, only my maid of honour has hers as of today. The other girls and I are going next week to get theirs.

I ordered stationary from a site online and gotthree samples of different asian themed invitations. I absolutely fell in love with the ones that featured cherry blossoms. And luckily I was able to get rsvp cards, thank you cards, and placecards with the same pattern!

One of my aunts loves baking. She's really good at it too! So who better than to bake my wedding cupcakes!

Adam's aunt used to work at a florist and still does flowers for family and friends. So I was thrilled when she offered to do our flowers as a wedding gift!

See what I mean? Everything kind of took care of itself. I can hear your objections. "That's not ALL you need for a wedding!" and you're right, there are still some other aspects I didnt mention. Those are the things that didnt immediately fit in the the theme of this post with everything coming together almost TOO easily!

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