June 27, 2009

To Love Somebody

It was a little bit later than expected. Thirteen days to be exact. Reem was, um, 'anxious' to see her sweet pea born. Yes, we'll go with the word anxious.

Happily we received news a few hours after baby's birth that SHE had arrived. All ten fingers and ten toes were accounted for and mom & baby were completely healthy. The moment we had all been waiting had arrived! So what was the name? Well, Reem and Craig had been pretty sure the baby would be a boy ... they had that name picked out ... but baby GIRL would have to wait until tomorrow morning for that detail to be sorted.

Below are some pictures of the beautiful SERENA MAE in a pea pod outfit I gave her from Etsy artist .: Jolie M :.

And I can't resist posting a photo of my first visit with Serena.

I promise to always make you smile, Sweet Pea :)

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