March 29, 2009

Missing you from down low

By now, MM should have finally left Canada and is who knows how many feet up in the air, flying towards his new desert home. This means I won't be able to talk to him for a few days, as he settles into his desert cubby. :-/

What better way to distract my wistful self than some retail therapy, you say? I agree! Here are some today's finds from mTs' fave site, Etsy.

Spring is in the air here in Ontario. I feel it, despite today's dark and cloudy aspect. So I'm thinking about t-shirts and loving the idea of a few screen printed numbers. And I heart anything with trees on it. Like this one from Ellembee:

I also start thinking purses in the spring. School ends for me this week (barring a bit of grading) so I start thinking about ditching my backpack and snagging a few bright and girly purses. This one from Chicago Fine Threads isn't bright, but it is girly.

It could even work as my wedding day purse, hmmm....

And finally, I've been thinking of an original way to send out Save the Date cards. it will happen too early to have nailed down our actual wedding invite look, so I was thinking of sending out photo style cards. But that seemed a bit narcissistic to me. Then I found Unless' illustration shop on Etsy that makes custom line drawing portraits from your photos. Check it!

Now THAT would make for an original and memorable Save the Date card hmm? Love love this idea!

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