March 13, 2009

May You Build A Ladder To The Stars

Blogging becomes difficult when you're up to your arms in paper, ribbon, tape, etc. Oh, and when you're doing taxes in your 'spare' time, too.

Things are a bit easier at the moment though with Shelley's invitation complete. She came to pick things up yesterday afternoon and seemed very happy with the result! I'd love to share a few pictures of her creation with you ...

Shelley wanted a soft look on top so we placed vellum on the first layer.

At the bottom of the front you can see the peek of her special order blue she asked to have incorporated.

A quick overview of the first layer of text.

She also had a special verse compliments of Bob Dylan she wanted included on the main invitation. Looks great!

Shelley put together a great little map and with a little Moments That Shine magic, we refined it and popped it into the Hotel & Map page.

It was a great time working with this lovely lady! Shelley had a vision off what she wanted and I'm very happy to have been a part of the creative process in her wedding. As I mentioned above, this was her creation ... that's a statement I like to echo with all clients. I'll help them along with whatever they need but generally I bring their ideas to life. No two invitations are ever the same when they leave this office!

Contact me if there's ever anything you would like and remember we can work within any budget!

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