March 16, 2009

Getting Your Ears Pierced?

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Adornment worn on the ears dates far, far back. In many cultures, for religious or traditional reasons, it was customary to pierce the ears of a newborn girl.

Today, people have their ears pierced (or other body parts pierced) for a variety of reasons. The main one being that piercings are an expression of ourselves, our personalities and the message we want to convey.

Whether you opt for single or multiple ear piercing, or whether you're considering having your baby or child pierced, here are some tips that may make the journey a little easier.

Choose an experienced that practices the utmost in hygiene and personal care. And if a baby or child is having a piercing, make sure the provider is experienced with children.
Choose a good quality white or yellow gold earring as there is less likelihood of an allergy. Avoid plated products and make sure the earring itself has a dome-shaped backing that prevents discomfort while sleeping.
Be committed to having those earrings in for at least 8 weeks for a proper formation and healing of the hole. And when you do take them out, get another pair in asap and keep wearing earrings daily.

Cleanse the new piercing 2 - 3 times daily during the 8 week healing period. Use a gentle product specifically for piercings that will disinfect the area but not damage the earrings or dry out the skin. Don't use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.
If pain is not your thing, talk to your local pharmacist about a numbing cream that you can apply an hour before the piercing. This item is amazing, especially for children or those wanting a painless experience.
And finally, if one of your new earrings happens to come out (not likely but can occur) during the 8- week healing process, find it and get it back in immediately. Holes can close almost immediately during your healing, especially with young children.

If you want to learn more about earpiercing, visit our website to view video of an actual piercing. I promise, no blood, guts or gore, just some great information. This will be available for viewing on April 1. Or you can see the segment on Lifestyles With Rita Nave which airs Tuesday March 31 on Channel 12 CHEX TV Durham at 5:30pm.

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