February 3, 2009

Simply The Best!

Congratulations Flour Confections!!!

I'm proud to add to Lisa's thunder. I received notification that I had been selected for the Wedding Wire Award in the Consultant Category and our very own decorator extraordinaire, Vivian from Vivian's Décor & Design, has been as well!

You know you're reading a blog with the very best of vendors when you see this happening. It also goes to reiterate when your time is finished with a vendor, please make sure you give them a review and testimonial. One never knows what kind praise will come along and it really does further our businesses ... not to mention it makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside ;)

And again, if you have used any of our services in the past, please head over to .: Wedding Wire :. and help us out. Almost all of the guest authors on this blog have a profile!


})i({ Vivians Decor+Designs })i({ said...

i would like to thank God, my family and Obama.

Susan Legare said...


I love you, Vivian :)

periwinkle flowers said...

Yey! Yey! Yey! way to go you two.

A Hot Pink Petticoat said...

congrats!! Well deserved :)