January 11, 2009

Top 3 colours for '09 Brides

Oh the colours! There are whole websites dedicated to wedding colours alone! This very VERY important decision could make or break your wedding! (okay, kinda, not really, but doesn't sound dramatic and really important?!)...

Choosing a colour is a personal decision. I have brides who know right off the bat what they want to do - they have the swatches, they have the flowers to match and even convinced FH that he would look great in the colour!

Still struggling with what colour to do for your wedding? Here's my top 3 colours for '09 so far.

#1 - Chocolate brown & friends. This colour has a lot of fans and friends. Many brides are using this colour along with celadon, champagne gold, pink, powder blue and in the fall with oranges. The new BFF to chocolate brown this year is yellow.
I'm a fan of this look. It's a very earthy, yet fun colour combo - but make sure your yellows are in the same family! Make sure your BMs all buy the same yellow instead of having school bus yellow, goldenrod and bumblebee show up at your wedding!

#2 Celadon (aka wasabi green/pistachio/sage green). This colour is very fresh that can be used throughout the year. I love using it, but again, with every colour, make sure you use complimentary colours. The likelihood of you finding everything in this colour for everything from your invites to BM dresses is very good, but make sure you have a swatch when shopping around!

#3 - Teal/aqua/turquoise. 3 very different colours from the same family. This colour is very summer - fresh and clean or in the winter with silver accents. Teal is the breakout colour of the bunch as it can be used in an ornate fashion with lots of little details like damask or similar patterns. Very lovely!

I'd like to give a special mention to aubergine/eggplant and plum. My new fave colours. This colour is the new chocolate brown - its very easy to compliment - pinks, golds, ivory and sage green are great companions.

Whichever colour you do choose to go with, make sure YOU love it! After all, you have to look at those pictures in 20yrs and not ask "what was *I* thinking!

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