January 28, 2009

Skin Care Part 3 - Serums & Eyecare

Now that we're all familiar with cleansing, toning and moisturizing, the next step to acheiving great skin is the use of Serums & Eyecare. Here's where things get interesting and overwhelming, but of no less importance than your first two steps.

Serums are boosters, typically used in conjunction with a day or night cream. A few drops gently patted on the face before your moisturizer is the normal application process. However, it's always best to check with the individual line representative first. Serums will increase water, regulate oil, clarify, nourish, repair, firm, tighten and tone. There's a serum addressing every issue we have. They are effective for their repairing and boosting qualities, plus are an additional layer of protection to the face. An ideal item for your winter regime.

When treating eyes, always remember that they are a separate entity to your skin and must be indulged with products formulated for the area itself. There are creams, gels, cream/gels, or roll-ons.....designed to lighten, smooth, de- puff, de-stress, and again firm, tighten, or tone. Whatever formula you select, eye care is best applied in teeny tiny amounts placed on your ring finger and gently patted in a circular motion around the entire eye. Think of tapping the product right on the bone, above and below.

Before shopping for serums and eye care, take a real close look at all areas of your face. Use glasses, magnifyers, or 250 watts if you need to. Study your eyes, lips, cheeks, and nose thoroughly, in order to set achievable goals for areas you would like to improve. Be honest but realistic about the performance you expect from your skincare line. Remember....it's just a jar of cream.....not plastic surgery!

For those that see crowsfeet or creppiness, maybe a lack of firmess in the mirror, focus your solution with ingredients like hyaluronic acid to feed and bind the cells with water. Plumping the cells shrinks the length and depth of fine lines. Vitamins A, C and E will fight the ageing process by neutralizing free radicals making this skin appear more firm, youthful and bright. And calibrated fruit acids (AHA's) will smooth the skin by maintaining its own natural renewal process. AHA's repair cellular damage while easing fine lines and improving the overall clarity of the skin.

If lines are not whay you see but darkening of the skin is, then your solutions must reflect. Hyperpigmention, dark undereye circles, age and liver spots, uneven tone and sun damage......are all conditions that can be effectively treated with committment and dedication. The most important thing to remember is that once you start a mission to even out a skin tone, you must continue as it is a progressive lightening process. Eye creams or serums that contain horse chestnut, bilberry extract, AHA's, hydroquinone, and vitamins A & C are ingredients that assist with fading uneven tone. Products of this nature must be used faithfully, usually twice a day for best results.

What if you see broken capillaries.......those little red "spidery" veins frequently found around the nose and cheeks. They are the result when blood no longer pumps through the tiny capillaries. This weakens the capillary walls which causes a loss of elasticity, with a final collapse into what we see as a broken blood vessel. The primary causes are environmental damage, lfestyle choices, age and hormones.

With this condition, an ounce of prevention certainly is worth a pound of cure by using sunscreen and making healthy lifestyle choices to begin with. But cosmetically speaking, you can treat broken capillaries with serums containing anti- flammatories like chamomile, horse chestnut, lavender and zinc. All of these components will help reduce the redness and visibility of broken capillaries.

Regardless of what your skins challenges are when you look in the mirror, rest assured there's something on the market for every woe you face. Look at your skin frequently and thoroughly, know how it functions at it's optimal, and use items that will treat your concerns specifically. And if you'd like an opinion or some guidance, book a 30 minute no charge consultation to get you on the road to healthy, beautiful skin.

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