October 7, 2008

top 5 things you can cut from your wedding decor!

ah...the case of the rich bride/poor bride. As a wedding decorator, I see this happen to a lot of brides.

She gets engaged and heads straight to The Knot, full of ideas, champagne dreams and caviar expectations.

But then the little things that she's been buying on etsy and ebay that only cost $XX start adding up and next thing you know - BLAM. Budget blown because of blinged out "Future MRS." accessories - panties, hoodie, velour suit , matching towel set, iphone jewel case, gym bag, slippers, robe and on and on and on.

Seemed like a good idea.... at the time.

So what's a bride to do? She still wants her wedding to look "fabulous", but now only has an "it looks okay..." budget. That's where your wedding decorator or even your wedding planner comes in handy. She should be the first person to advise you on what you could cut without putting a serious dent in your overall look and feel.

In the next few weeks, I'll list 5 things you can cut from your decor budget without feeling like you made a huge sacrifice and still look good!

1. Chair sashes
Don't get me wrong- I like chair sashes! Sashes are like, the best thing since...chair covers. Some of my best rented items are chair covers!

They add so much to a room and makes you say "Oh so pretty!" when you walk into a room....

Then, your guests sit down...then they go get a drink at the bar...then people keep getting up to go to the bathroom...then they get up again to go talk to people at other tables...then they go to get ANOTHER drink at your consumption bar (you're watching them out of the corner of your eye...LOL)...then the kids start pulling them off the chair...then its around the best man's head like a head band and he's doing the flash dance/sprinkler/strip tease.

My point is that it's nice to see how pretty it is at the beginning of the night, but by the end of the night, a good number of sashes are AWOL from where they were tied and look a bit sloppy.

Here's a great alternative - go for the chair covers with attached ties. They normally cost a teensy bit more than a plain chair cover, but cost less than getting both the plain chair cover and coloured organza sash. They are already attached to the chair and stay tied up in the fancy bow! Technology, huh?!

Word to the wise - stay away from putting organza bows on satin chair covers. Not.A.Good.Idea. trust me!

If you MUST have chair sashes, then I would recommend using taffeta sashes. A bit more pricier, but its a more sturdier material than organza, so the likelihood of your beautiful bows staying put is greater. And it's pretty!

stay tuned for #2 - it has to do with a table, chocolate and your money box! Till then, stay fabulous and blessed!

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