January 21, 2008

The Invitations

This weekend we met with Susan to design our invitations. We based them on something similar that she has in her portfolio, but tweaked them to make them a little bit more personalized. It was a relatively painless experience, as FI and I seemed to agree on everything. Always a good sign.

Well, almost everything. FI decided instead of a monogram on the cover page he would prefer to see “Are you ready to rock??” Um. Not so much.

When we first went through Susan’s portfolio of ideas, we were stuck trying to decide between “Classy” invites and “Fun” invites. The Classy ones fit the venue, but the fun ones fit FI and I. In the end Fun beat Classy. That being said, they aren’t exactly ‘wacky’ and the paper and font will be quite classic. They are just a bit of an unusual concept and shape. We have been receiving a lot of Michael’s kit wedding invites lately and we decided a while ago that was NOT the route we wanted to take. I am very excited for our unique, personal design. To make them even more personal, one of our bridesmaids who is a graphic design has agreed to create our monogram.

And no, despite a second attempt by FI the rsvp choices will not be:

Yes- I’m Ready to Rock
No- I Respectfully Decline the Invitation to Rock


Susan is in the process of putting together a sample for us. I can’t wait to see what she creates.

We also had a talk with our respective families about The Guest List. So far, no one has made any unreasonable requests. Fingers crossed. We have started to gather addresses, which is proving to be harder than one might think.

We are scheduling a hardcore Wedding Planning Weekend this week. The idea is to knock the following things off of the list:

Wedding bands
Hotel/ motel/ B&B

That would be nice. Then we are in the home stretch. I’ll let you know if any of that became a reality, next Monday.


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