December 8, 2008

Pairing Up and Joining Hands

This question is actually adapted from a meeting I recently had with a lovely woman. In case any of you have been wondering the same thing, I thought I would share it.


People at work and a few friends are making fun of me because I’m looking into getting my wedding invitations already (wedding is mid-July). Am I doing this too early?



Absolutely not.

Yes, you could do with waiting until closer to the date to get everything done but there’s no reason at all why you shouldn’t right now. Let me break it down for you …
Most people take about six months from start to RSVP return for their invitations. Sure, you have more time than that but for the naysayers around you, remind them of these things:

Mid-December and first part of January = holiday craziness. Don’t even pretend you’re going to get a lot done at this time.

When we thaw out of the snow (or warm up … whatever Mother Nature decides to do with us this winter), you are going to have so many other things to do than worry about invites … and possibly the wedding. You may have spring fever!

The design process itself is fun and you may want to start as soon as you can. If you know your colours aren’t changing, where’s the harm in getting started early? What you may want to hold off on (let’s say until April) is printing. That’s just in case any details change at the last minute. With my company, depending on the job, printing and assembling will take between two and four weeks.

Invites should go out as early as possible for you to beat the summer rush (might I suggest early to mid-May?). Remember you’re allowing for Canada Post twice (your mailing and then your guests mailing back the RSVPs). Within Canada, give it two weeks each way to be safe.

Your RSVP return date should be roughly a month before your wedding (early to mid-June) so that works out perfectly. You’re giving Canada Post the delivery time and your guests a couple of weeks to reply.

Looking back on all of those things, you’re right on track! Let everyone know a professional said so ;)



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