December 19, 2008

I Follow Footprints Through the Snow

This week's Etsy post comes courtesy of some new clients at Moments That Shine! They gave us the head's up of this truly amazing artist and we would love to highlight just her. .: MichelleProsek's Etsy Studio is located here :. She was kind enough to send along a bio so instead of babbling on, I'm just going to let her speak and include some eye candy for you ...

Michelle Prosek – Starfire Studios
381 Moxley Rd.
Greensville, ON
L9H 5L4
(905) 627-2133

Artist Biography:
With her unusual mixed education grounded in genetics but embellished by a long history in the arts, Michelle Prosek expresses her interest in nature through her sculptural glasswork. While some of her designs are created as sculptural jewellery designed to be worn as an expression of the inner nature of the wearer, others are created to bring nature into the home with vibrant style.
All of her work has a running theme of botanical and earth motifs, which reflect the organic nature of glass itself. Constantly exploring the boundaries of what glass can do, Michelle has developed new techniques for creating kiln-fired art that make her work unique in its field.

Artist Statement:
I am inspired by the wide range of functional and textural properties glass has to offer as an artistic medium, so I am always experimenting with new ideas and pushing the boundaries of what glass can do. I love referring to nature for my inspirations because I feel a connection between life and the dynamic flow of working with glass. At any stage in the creative process it can reflect my moods and desires as I explore its organic connection to my intended designs.

I personally cut, carve, fuse and shape every single piece of glass to ensure that they are all one of a kind works of art. Each finished work can take up to 90 hours to complete. I am constantly striving to create new techniques and methods for working with kiln-fired glass that extend beyond the traditional concepts of the medium.

Be sure to check out all of Michelle's sites ... .: this one :. in particular has fabulous jewellery!

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New Wife said...

beautiful! Great find Susan!