December 11, 2008

Day After Day I Keep Hangin' Round

It's a bit late for this year but how about 2009?! Here are some incredible advent calendars on Etsy that I wanted to share with all of you ...

This is actually my favourite of the week. I'm mixing things up by starting with it ;) It's by .: nouveaudesigns :. I love it because of simplicity.

Next up is this gem by .: designstash :. The boa is awesome!!!

This muffin tray advent calendar is all magnet based. .: AllThingsArtsy :. suggests placing surprises under each day!

.: Pearl & Pirate :. has put together a felt stocking for every day in December before Christmas. Fill them with treats or use simply as decor!

And the mother of all advent calendars? Check out this one by .: scrapcolors :. It's absolutely incredible!!!

During the holiday season I remember always having a special calendar as a child. It's a tradition I want to keep for generations in my family!

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Amy said...

What a unique Advent Calendar. I also love the modern yet simple design. Thanks for posting, I have never seen anything like this before.