November 1, 2008

I'm Gonna Pounce ....

Etsy has a really cool feature called, "Pounce". When you click on it you're asked to choose whether or not you would like to view Undiscovered (shops who have yet to make their first sale) or Just Sold (shops who ... obviously ... have just made a sale). This week I wanted to feature some of those shops who need more exposure ... get out there and POUNCE on these ones! :)

.: MartaWeaverJewelry :. has introduced a new line of bling to Etsy. I love this dragonfly!

With the weather cooling down (and the fact that I actually had to bundle up the other day), this caught my attention. A funky scarflette by .: Feeting Frenzy :.

How cute is this purse?! .: textstyle :. is just starting out and has this hand knitted and then hot water felted handbag up for sale.

I wish I had a scratch and sniff monitor right now. This body oil by .: lioevilo :. uses 100% pure essential oils so it's sure to be lovely on the skin!

This notebook by .: mokeep555 :. holds pages of bamboo paper inside and comes in a handmade box!

A mini-watercolour painting of a place with special meaning is such a great gift! Contact .: birdbluff :. for more information.

.: bluetricycle :. has a wonderful concept ... contact them and you can buy artwork (like this earthy calendar) that YOU print. This means you select the paper, colour, how to want to assemble it ... what a great idea!
I had to choose this one to display as soon as I saw it. It seems .: mattdonders :. took a recent trip to Toronto. When he did, he thought our fire hydrants were amusing because of the colour :) What I found really cool about this photo are the Sarah Slean posters on the pole in the back ... she's one of my favourite artists.

And my favourite of the week ...

LOVE these invitations by .: rationaljarofhoney :. The real gem is the customized map on the inside. So fairytale-like!

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Katie said...

Oh that invitation is beautiful! I love it!