September 4, 2008

What You Waiting For?

Etsy time!

I've actually missed these posts so let's get straight to them ...

These crinolines by FishyFaceStudios are affordable and can be completely customized for whatever colour you desire.

How about more bling? Here's a great hair pin sure to add the perfect amount of modern glam to your outfit. Contact creationsbylonni for more details (and more designs!).

Staying on the sparkly side of things, I found this artist I'm completely drawn to. The ring below is delicate yet not perfect ... love it! And as a gift for that guitar player in your life, how about a guitar pick necklace? I know I want one and I only own a guitar ... don't know how to play it yet! The artist of both of these pieces is chrisparry

Crave something different for your centrepieces? These funky numbers by thefunkyshack (how appropriately named?!) are sure to be a conversation piece!

Switching gears to something a bit different ... these art pieces by papercutsbyjoe are a wonderful keepsake or gift to the couple.

These flowers are made all of clay! For the non-traditional bride, how about one of these creations by dkdesignshawaii? Check out the store's other designs as well!

And my favourite pick for this time around? I *love* the style of this ...

A great way to display a wedding photo (or any photo, really) with some old school charm. This is by PictureThat. How cool is that?!

I'll be on the hunt for more Etsy finds this week so stay tuned! If you have any you've found that you would like me to profile, by all means ... contact me!

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