September 16, 2008

Makeup Lessons - Private or Group ... Get Educated On How To Work With Your Features

At Makeup In Motion, we firmly believe that makeup should be used to enhance one's natural features and bring them out to their fullest. It's not meant to compete with a woman's beauty, it's simply meant to highlight the best of the best. Whether it's your dark, romantic eyes, your full, pouty lips or your wonderfully, high cheekbones, the right color placed in the right area, can enlarge or reduce a feature instantly. Using colors that compliment your eye and skin tone, textures that are right for the individual and simple application techniques, any woman at any age can learn to work with her own uniqueness.

In come makeup lessons. At Makeup In Motion, we provide private lessons or group sessions...whatever suits your need. Both are great options and cover the entire face from top to bottom, but each is a bit different in format.

Private makeup lessons are conducted at Makeup In Motion's home studio. They are 2 hours in duration and we go through each feature step by step. Makeup In Motion does half the face while the client learns hands on how to do the other half. Eye and face charts are provided along with color charts that detail what we've used. Step by step instructions are also provided to clients who prefer to work this way. Price is $50 and are one on one only.

Group lessons are a great idea for bridal parties, teen birthdays, or women's pampering events. They are held at your venue of choice. The lesson is a hour long and demonstrated on the hostess. Again, we cover the full face, and provide valuable information and techniques that all women can apply to themselves. Each guest then receives a 20 minute makeover creating her own special look. All guests go home with color charts, eye and face charts and our famous Wink Cosmetics wand gloss in our most popular shades. Price is $35 per person based on 6 people and usually lasts about 4 hours.

So if you really want some solid advice on how to work with your features, take the guess work out of applying color, and put your best face forward everyday, then book a lesson and enjoy a transformation that still looks like you....only better.

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