August 10, 2008

There is Nothing I Could Hide From You

Quick! I neglected to post my Etsy finds last week! Let's get this done now ... the week doesn't end until midnight on Sundays, right?

Love the of monogramming your way through a wedding? This particular design is currently sold out (sorry ... I couldn't resist the picture though) but LSeabol has many other elegant designs ...

How about accessories for the reception?

Beads are a wonderful way to add colour and personality to the festivities. This server by tiemdye and this signing pen by breathtakingbracelet add that perfect splash of *you*!

I wouldn't be me if I didn't add some bling to the weekly finds, right? How about this hair pin by EricaBapst? I especially love the colours in the beads here.

And my favourite of the week???

Love love love this dress. It's not always easy to find the right bridal dress but there is a lot of choice. What about attire for the pint-sized girl of the day though? This find tells so much about the designer, couple and model, it's great! Made by cadenzaclothing.

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