July 25, 2008

You Light Up My Days

Are you planning on burning candles at your event? Actually, as a 'typical woman' I love candles just around the house. Something about candlelight makes everything look better ... softer even.

What many people don't know is there is actually a more planet-responsible candles everyone can buy. The average candles most people buy can contain nasties like soot, formaldehyde and lead. Any way you slice it, those things aren't good for us to be inhaling over a romantic dinner! But don't fear ... there are some simple things you can do ...
To keep soot emissions to a minimum, keep your wicks trimmed and place the candle away from any kind of draft. To cut down on possible chemicals, avoid buying any scented and gelatinous petroleum candles. And with the lead dilemma, here's a tip from Health Canada ... test your wick by peeling apart any fibre in the wick and seeing if it has a metallic core. If it does, rub it on white paper. If you see a gray smudge, it's probably lead so you're best to toss it.

This may leave you wondering what to buy!

North American-made candles normally do not contain lead nor do products from IKEA. If you want to be really safe though, look at replacing your candles with those made of beeswax or soy. Not only are they better for you but they're often longer-lasting! You can find many of these products in stores now (in Toronto check out places like Organic Lifestyle and Grassroots) and even online.

Happy hunting,


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