June 17, 2008

Come My Love, I'll Tell You A Tale ...

Wow. Where does one begin? I do believe BloggerBride & Groom successfully managed to have the most picturesque wedding one could hope for. All of their details came together, all of their guests arrived safely, everyone looked beautiful and the skies even opened up in time for their ceremony ... perfect timing!

My photos didn't turn out that great and in essence are a stepping stone to the better ones we'll be seeing soon ... but in the meantime, enjoy a glimpse into the fairytale day ...

The bouquets for the bride and her five closest friends waiting to be unpacked.

Each bridal party member's dress was clover in colour but had a great embellishment unique to the wearer. This bridesmaid chose a cream sash.

The altar arrangements before going out to the chapel.

Detailing on the bride's dress.

Waiting for the processional to begin ...

Vows at last.

Blogger Bride & Groom ... perfect models.

A close-up of the bridal bouquet ... pink peonies and roses with a green collar.

And a close-up of the AMAZING shoes she wore.

The reception before ...

And after.

The centrepieces were wine decanters (filled with elegant orchids and bear grass) and four wine glasses. Classy and useful!

Because they wanted the guests to stay and enjoy the party, BB&G hired a school bus to take people from the hotel to the venue and back.

The chapel at night.

More in depth details and photos will go up on the main site as soon as we've sifted through the very best of the photos. For now, I hope you've enjoyed this brief glimpse into one of the most perfect days a couple could ask for.



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~bb~ said...

Thanks for posting these Susan! It's nice to have a sneak peek before the pro-pics.