June 30, 2008

Bittersweet Symphony

I spent a good couple of hours online at one site recently and I have to share. While my husband was busy talking on the phone, I was checking it out and then when he was finished talking, we decided to play Name That Tune. What does this have to do with events, do you ask? Or maybe you just want to know what on earth I'm rambling about.

While reading another wedding blog, I noticed a discussion about processional music. Everyone was saying how they are looking at using VSQ's 'Bittersweet Symphony' ... whaaaaa? I thought that was a song by The Verve? At first I didn't think too much of it because I was happy people are considering more alternative songs to use.

The VSQ thing kept bugging me though. Then I looked it up and found out what it stood for ...

Vitamin String Quartet.

Possibly I've been living in a cave and that's why I hadn't heard about them. If you're like me and this is new, basically they put together high-quality recordings of popular songs ... instrumental style! I could go on and on describing the songs and how perfect they would be but listening for yourself is the better way to go (be forewarned ... it's addictive!).

Are you and/or your other half a big Coldplay fan? How about a bit of THIS?

This is a favourite of many but with the VSQ version, there's a new flavour to it ... LISTEN HERE.

Flare for something more *you*? How about some Guns N' Roses ... okay ... maybe for the recessional ;)

There are more traditional wedding tunes like THIS ONE and THIS PIANO ONE.

My two favourite ones are HERE and OVER HERE (excuse the You Tube).

I challenge you to find some songs that wouldn't mean something to you :)

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Lisa Mark Photography said...

That is so fantastic! I'm definitely using these when I get married :-D