April 1, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

Ooooh ooooooo. Except it is Tuesday. Ooooh ooooooo.

Don't mind me. It feels like I've had two insane Mondays in a row and there doesn't appear to a let up in sight this week! You may notice that I wasn't able to update the blog much of last week ... and if I had my crystal ball in front of me right now, I would probably see the same kind of week this week. ACK! In fact, I'm updating now solely to prove I'm alive and thinking about you all ... even though it's after ten o'clock at night.

To give you an update on a planner's life in the springtime, here's what my couple of weeks is shaping up like ...

- finish blogger bride’s invites
- go over wedding update with kd_2b_kk
- send quote to client getting married in 2009
- send invitations details to new client
- catch up with planner colleague
- meetings with OSEB (don't worry ... I know you don't know what that is)
- meetings with Town of Whitby
- meeting at Cullen Gardens
- finalize budget for trade show
- finalize registration forms for trade show
- phone & then email approx. 100 businesses regarding participation in trade show
- prepare for April 10th trade show workshop
- check in with all Spring & Summer brides
- finalize draft invitation for a December bride
- start draft invites for two Summer brides

Life isn't like this all the time. It can always get busier (and likely will). Luckily I thrive on always working and keeping the pulse on all the details!

That and lucky I have a blog where I can write down my to-do list ;)

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